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ascertained's Journal

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as·cer·tain (ās'ər-tān')
1. To discover with certainty, as through examination or experimentation.
2. To make certain, definite, and precise.

01 → Fanart, fanfiction, doujinshi, fan soundtracks, graphics; all of it is allowed as long as it has something to do with Yoh, Lyserg, or Yoh/Lyserg.
ⅰ- Fanfic → Side-pairings are fine, so long as the end result or the main focus, or even two thirds of the OT3 is Lyserg/Yoh.
ⅱ - Graphics → While they do not have to be Lyserg/Yoh specifically because lmao if you can find a picture of the two them together then you gotta hook a girl up! you must be crazy-lucky, so general mankin graphics are fine so long as Lyserg or Yoh is in there somewhere.
ⅲ - Doujinji → You're more than welcome to share it; just lock the post and specify the scanner and whether or not you are permitting people to use it graphic-wise.
02 → When posting your lovely fanworks, if they are of great length then an LJ cut is required. More than four icons and all fanfic/drabbles, specifically. We're not here to rape people's flists after all. If you don't know how to make a cut, consult the FAQ, not us.
03 → Label your content properly! While everyone loves a dose of pr0n in their lives, we wouldn't want people to jump into something without fulling knowing what lies beneath. Rate your fic/art!
04 → roflcops Bashing is a big, fat, mothafuckin' no-no. >:( IT'S BAD. YOU CAN'T DO IT. NOT HERE.
05 → The mods would rather you not tag your post so that they may do it manually but you will not be penalized if you do so out of instinct.

If you would like to affiliate with ascertained then simply leave a comment here with your community's name and you'll be added. We currently have lol 0 affiliates.

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